synopsis: introduction
hi, this is dara and i'm about 17 as of now, nearly 18 by january 18th. i'm half filipina and half bangladesh. born in the state, east coast mofocka.

i suck at talking about myself but okay.

i like to draw for the most part, but lately i've been slacking instead of improving. i like dancing but i havent danced in years. i've always wanted to take up cooking class, but i nearly burned my house down trying to make breakfast. reading helps past the time, i'm mostly into manga that involves mindless butt fucking consisting of a big ghei and a little ghei, though i've been poking my head around literature just to expand my taste.

i generally listen to all sorts of music- minus country. i could never indulge in country ( but somehow my mom and her boyfriend have ). i'm far in too deep with korean pop and anime. mainly shinee and bts, along with f(x) and other groups here and there. then there's snk, samurai flamenco, tokyo ghoul and bits of love-sick shoujo here and there. there was a time where i wasn't exactly interested in anime but slowly i've been worming my way back into fandoms with the help of my nerds.

it's really hard to pinpoint my taste exactly but at the moment the majority of my attention has been caught by shinee. i've been a shawol right around the japanese lucifer era which was about the time i learned about kpop. my bias' have flipped and flopped starting from taemin, minho, now leaning a little bit more on key, but really i do love them all dearly.

so basically i've pretty much made this to write ( hopefully improve a bit more ), exert my weird ass thoughts and ideas in the form of stories involving shinee ( mainly otps ahaha... ya ). i'll probably write a few more entries like this but if the mood strikes but yea okay bye

live journal is so confusing wow



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